Elder Scrolls Online – Trailer

Ben Chalker January 23, 2013 Comments
Elder Scrolls Online – Trailer

Cinematic really is the word there isn’t it. I could watch the heck out of that movie…

Some vital stats, in no particular order:
Elder Scrolls online is the first chapter of the mammothly popular RPG series to enter the MMO arena.
– In development since ’07 and announced in May 2012.
– Set 800 years prior to the narrative of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The Daedric Prince Molag Bal is on the warpath attempting to conquer all of Tamriel
– The realm of Cyrodiil, a region at the heart of the continent of Tamriel, is devoted to PvP as 3 warring factions compete for control.
– The server arrangement for ESO makes a departure from localized individual servers placed globally, ESO instead links all of its servers in what it’s calling a “megaserver”.
– The full suite of playable races and classes you know and love from previous Elder Scrolls entries is available in ESO along with the hugely customizable character features in all Bethesda games.

With no release date officially set, Beta sign ups opened up on Jan 22 2013 so head over to ElderScrollsOnline.com/en and get yourself a spot.